Thinking Gender 2023 Conference

The UCLA Center for the Study of Women|Barbra Streisand Center is an internationally recognized center for research on gender, sexuality, and women’s issues. Our research and programming initiatives support our mission ofworking towards a world in which education and scholarship are tools for social justice feminism, improving the lives of people of all genders.Our annual Thinking Gender Conferenceis just one program through which we advance this mission. This year, the conference theme is “Transforming Research: Feminist Methods for Times of Crisis and Possibility.” Conceived of by our Associate Director, Professor Jasmine Nadua Trice, the conference will offer emerging student scholars an opportunity to inquire, reflect, and imagine feminist, decolonial research methods and practice across fields and disciplines.The conference will take place on Friday, February 24, 2023, at UCLA Covel Commons.In lieu of a keynote address, Thinking Gender 2023 will feature interactive presentations and workshops throughout the day byCeline Parreñas Shimizu(Dean of the Division of the Arts and Distinguished Professor, Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz),T.L. Cowan(Assistant Professor, Media Studies, University of Toronto), andJas Rault(Assistant Professor, Media Studies, University of Toronto). The conference will also feature themed panels of graduate student presenters moderated by expert faculty, undergraduate student poster presentations, a media exhibit, and a concluding reception.Theconference is freeand open to all, and we hope that members of your community will attend!