GWST 5013: Approaches to Feminist Research.

3 credits. Examines the epistemologies, theoretical frameworks, and ethics of methodologies conducive to feminist analysis. This course prepares students to conceptualize and undertake their own research projects.

GWST 5103: Gender and Sexuality.

3 credits. This course offers an interdisciplinary survey of major works and key concepts in the field of Gender and Women's Studies.

GWST 5113: Feminist Theory.

3 credits. Examines diverse feminist theories and their role in the production of knowledge. A variety of contemporary feminist theories will be considered from an interdisciplinary perspective.

GWST 5300: Seminar in Gender and Women’s Studies.

1-3 credits, max 9. This course will offer a topics-based graduate colloquium in the interdisciplinary and international field of Gender and Women's Studies. Potential topics include Gender and Modern War, Feminist Aesthetics, Sexuality and Space, Cold War Masculinities, and Gender and International Relations.

GWST 5503: Theorizing Men and Masculinities.

3 credits. Examines the roles of men in various cultural contexts, the historical development of manhood as an ideal, and theories of masculinities.

GWST 5950: Special Topics in Global Feminism.

3 credits, max 6. Prerequisite(s): GWST 2113 or GWST 2123 or permission of instructor. Selected topics in the problems and issues of global women's and feminist activism. Highlights the continuing fight to secure gender equality, especially in developing nations. Exploration of the women's movement links with other human rights struggles across the globe.

GWST 5990: Directed Readings in Gender and Women’s Studies.

1-3 credits, max 6. Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor. Specialized readings or independent study in GWST.