General Requests and Inquiries:

Direct inquires to Dr. Lucy Bailey, Director of Gender and Women's Studies -

Web-Related Requests:

Gender Studies Webmaster -

Media Requests:

Because Gender and Women’s Studies is an academic program, we do not handle requests from media for commentary on public debates or current events. However, reporters are welcome to review our list of faculty, determine the department they belong to, and contact directly those persons whose scholarship matches the issue on which journalists are seeking commentary. Be sure to familiarize yourself with what Gender and Women’s Studies is by examining the website fully before contacting the director or any faculty affiliated with the program. (Another resource for learning about the academic field of Women’s Studies is the National Association of Women’s Studies at Before interviewing any GWST faculty, it is appropriate to familiarize yourself with their credentials by visiting their departmental website. We consider it a professional courtesy to read their publication(s) before asking for an interview.

If you are a student journalist, consider enrolling in a GWST course before you report on the program. We ask that you, as a student, do research before reporting on any GWST-related event or news. If you are covering a guest lecturer for example, it is important to attend the entire lecture, read the speaker’s publication(s) prior to the event, and research the topics at hand.

Take care to address and refer to faculty by their proper professional title; in most cases this will be Dr. or Professor.