Summer 2017


Description of GWST courses offered Summer 2017

GWST 2123 Summer 2017

GWST 2123: Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies
06/12 - 08/04 WEB
Dr. Jessica Glover

Connect this summer online! This course employs an interdisciplinary set of tools for analyzing women’s experiences and studies the ways that sex and gender manifest themselves in social, cultural, and political contexts. This course does not only consider differences between women and men, but also explores differences among women. Readings and discussions examine ideas about race, class, sexuality and other aspects of identity in addition to gender. Together we will discuss the relationships among these categories, and will analyze when and how such categories operate throughout American history.

Supplemental Gender and Women's Studies Courses

HLTH 5233 Summer 2017

HLTH 5233: Sexuality & Health
MW 4:30 - 7:10 PM
06/12 - 08/04

Dr. Hubach

This graduate level course will explore recent findings on human sexual behavior with an emphasis on the interaction between psychological, social, and biological factors. Topics will include sexual differentiation and development, patterns of sexual behavior, and sexual orientation among others.

SOC 4653 Summer 2017

SOC 4653: Gender & the Middle East
TULSA (four weeks in June M,T, W, R) 4:30-7:10 PM

An overview of gender-related issues in the Middle East and North African countries is provided to bridge cultures and build understanding. Specific attention is given to issues of women and how they are onneted to changes in culture, economics, politics and society.

SOC 4643 2 Summer 2017

SOC 4643: Sociology of Gender
TULSA (four weeks in June M, T, W, R) 4:30-7:10 PM

Explores the social organization of gender from diverse theoretical and empirical perspectives using a global experience.