Spring 2016

Description of GWST courses offered Spring 2016

GWST 5300 FlyerGWST 5300: Sexualities
Tuesdays at 4:30
Dr. Megan Burke

This graduate seminar interrogates theories and realities of sexuality. In doing so, we will consider how sexuality is produced and how it shapes gender, race, bodies, pleasure, identities, and our interactions with others. We will also spend substantial time considering how sexuality is implicated in and supported by systems of power and inequality.

GWST 4503 5990 Men and Masculinities Spring 2016 GWST 4503/5990: Theorizing Men and Masculinities
Thursdays at 4:30
Dr. Scott St Pierre

This course examines the roles of men in various cultural contexts, the historical development of manhood as an ideal, and theories of masculinities.

Gender in America Spring 2016History/American Studies 4553: Gender in America
Tuesdays 4:30-7:10pm, Tulsa - North Classroom 225
Dr. John M. Kinder

In this class, students will begin to answer such questions by examining the history of gender and sexuality in American culture. Focusing on a wide range of cultural artifacts and social practices, students will trace the transformation of American gender roles from the colonial period to the present day. In doing so, students will explore the complex relationship between gender/sexuality and social discourses of race, class, ethnicity, religion, disability, and embodiment.