Fall 2017

Description of GWST courses offered Fall 2017

ART 4693 5693 Fall 2017

ART 4693 / ART 5693: Gender in Visual Culture
Mondays 12:30 - 3:20 PM, Bartlett 104
Dr. Jennifer Borland

This course explores various themes and issues related to gender and sexuality in the study of art history across a range of historical periods. Readings will include key foundational texts in feminist art history, feminist theory, medieval studies, as well as considerations of cinema and other media. We will be working with various local art collections, and there will be significant engagement with the exhibition Kiki Smith and Paper: The Body, the Muse, and the Spirit, at the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art (open Aug. 8 – Nov. 22, 2017).

GWST 5300 Fall 2017

GWST 5300: Gender & Sexuality
Tuesdays 4:30 - 7:10 PM, CRN 69845
Dr. Megan Burke

This seminar is an advanced survey of feminist accounts of the relation between the subordination of women and heterosexuality and feminist sexual ethics. We will critically evaluate formative concepts and debates in feminist thought regarding heterosexism, gendered eroticism, sexual objectification and harassment, pornography, and the existential and political significance of sexual agency. This course will help graduate students develop competency in feminist theory.

Supplemental Gender and Women's Studies Courses

CPSY 4443 Fall 2017

CPSY 4443: Cultural Diversity in Professional Life
MWF 9:30 - 10:20 AM, Willard 449
Dr. Sue Jacobs

The purpose of this course is to increase knowledge, understanding, and awareness of cultural diversity in the social and physical environment of the professional world. Students will gain theoretical knowledge, identity attitudes/dispositions, and develop skills that facilitate effective interactions in culturally diverse professional, work and organizational settings.

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SOC 5643: Gender and Society (CRN 69068)
Mondays, 4:30 - 7:10 PM, 439 Murray Hall

This course provides an overview of current theoretical and empirical research in the sociology of gender. Topics include (1) how best to theorize, conceptualize, and analyze gender; (2) how gender is socially constructed and enacted in individuals’ lives; (3) how gender intersects with other identities (e.g., race, social class, sexuality) to shape our experiences and life chances; and, (4) how gender is embedded within institutional processes.