Course Blurbs

GWST 2113
(S) Transnational Women’s Studies
. Introduction to research on women and gender in transnational contexts. Interpersonal relationships, socioeconomic status, power and authority as women experience them, myths and realities among women of different races, classes, ethnicities, sexual orientation, nationalities, ages, and physical ability.

GWST 2123
(D,H) Introduction to Gender Studies
. Introduction to critical thinking about the construction of gender and the intersections of gender with race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality. Basic methods of studying gender from an interdisciplinary humanities perspective.

GWST 3450
Topics in Gender Studies
. 1-3 credits, max 12. Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123 or permission of instructor. Suggested topics include: women and health, women and science, women and religion.

GWST 3513
(D) Theorizing Sexualities.
Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123. Examination of poststructuralist and/or feminist theories of sexualities in contexts of film, literature, history, or popular culture. Likely theorists include Foucault, Butler, D’Emilio, Lorde, Kristeva, Anzaldua, Chow, and/or Chauncey.

GWST 3613
(D) Race and Reproduction in the U.S.
Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123 recommended. An interdisciplinary examination of the inextricable relationship between race relations and reproductive politics. Issues explored include malthusianism, sterilization abuse, criminalizing pregnancy, natalism and nationalism, eugenics, the role of women of color in campaigns for reproductive justice, and representations of motherhood.

GWST 3713
(D) Gender and Representation
. Cultural analysis of gender representation and gender relations. Using cultural texts and practices in several areas such as children’s culture, sport, music, film and TV.

GWST 4013*
Approaches to Feminist Research
. Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123 or consent of instructor. Examines the ethics and epistemologies of methodologies and theoretical frameworks most conducive to feminist analysis. This course prepares students to conceptualize their own research projects.

GWST 4113*
Feminist Theories
. Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123 or consent of instructor. Examines the different types of feminist theories and the role theory plays in the production of knowledge. A variety of feminist theories will be considered from an interdisciplinary perspective.

GWST 4503*
Theorizing Men and Masculinities.
Prerequisite(s): 4113 or permission of instructor. Examines the roles of men in various cultural contexts, the historical development of manhood as an ideal, and theories of masculinities.

GWST 4950*
Special Topics in Global Feminism
. 3 credits, max 6. Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123 or permission of instructor. Selected topics in the problems and issues of global women’s and feminist activism. Highlights the continuing fight to secure gender equality, especially in developing nations. Exploration of the women’s movement links with other human rights struggles across the globe.

GWST 5103
Gender and Sexuality.
This course offers an interdisciplinary survey of major works and key concepts in the field of Gender and Women's Studies.