COMING UP! Events Fall 2017

Please mark your calendar and consider these as extra credit opportunities for your students. Students have joined us in the planning.



Friday, September 15, 3-5pm
Riata Center Downtown Stillwater

Craig Watters, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, School of Entrepreneurship, OSU Spears School of Business, and a member of the OSU Difficult Dialogues Team, will present an overview of issues involved when “Immigration” is discussed or not in the US today: Politics, Impact on universities, students, faculty, business, the global impact, deportation fears, fear of “terrorism”. This will provide the basis for roundtable discussions. Sue C. Jacobs, Ph.D., Myron Ledbetter and Bob Lemon Counseling Psychology Diversity Professor, School of Community Health Sciences, Counseling and Counseling Psychology, College of Education, Health and Aviation, and Team leader of the OSU Difficult Dialogues Team will give a brief overview and “rules” of Difficult Dialogues. Following a brief break with snack, we will return to roundtables, mixing students with alums and community members, faculty, staff and administrators for discussions.

We will conclude with a brief summary from various tables and solicit evaluations from participants.     

Sponsors: OSU Difficult Dialogues and Riata Center for Entrepreneurship

A Nation Divided

Thursday, October 26, 6-8pm
Jorns Hall, Human Sciences, OSU

Mauree Turner, an undergraduate sociology and political science major, activist, and student contributor to the OSU Difficult Dialogues Team, and Shelia Kennison, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and OSU Difficult Dialogue Team Member, will moderate a panel that includes an administrator, other students, faculty and staff. After talking briefly about some of the things that are dividing us as a nation and giving each of their perceptions, panelists will provide their thoughts on how we can become less divided in our daily lives (doing things that help us engage more with each other and learn about others’ experiences). Roundtable discussions, mixing students with alums and community members, faculty, staff and administrators, Democrats, Republicans, Greek members, athletes, members of different ethnic, racial, sexual orientation and gender identity communities and those with different religions views, or concerns may begin talking to one another. The goal of this event overall is to generate recommendations of how we can be less divided in our everyday lives.

Sponsor: OSU Difficult Dialogues; we welcome other sponsors and someone to provide light snacks.


Thursday, November 16, 12-1pm
Willard Hall 101, OSU

Rebecka Snyder, a sex trafficking survivor who overcame trauma and graduated college, will talk about her story and sex trafficking. Farshid Jahanshahi, Adjunct Faculty, Sociology, and Member Difficult Dialogues Team, Facilitator.

Sponsors: Department of Sociology and OSU Difficult Dialogues