Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University
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Gender and Women's Studies

at Oklahoma State University

Welcome to Gender and Women's Studies at Oklahoma State University. We are a vibrant academic program offering a minor for undergraduates, support for curricular development and research by faculty, and opportunities to collaborate with community and campus partners who are intrigued by how gender shapes the world. Faculty and courses from twelve departments across the university contribute to this interdisciplinary program. Students and faculty in Gender and Women’s Studies pursue research in the history of women, in theories of gender, in feminism, in the cultural construction of masculinity, and in the cross-cultural intersections of race, class, nationality, and sexuality.

Our mission mirrors that of the university, which is a three-fold mission of instruction, research, and extension, or outreach. Because Gender and Women’s Studies grew out of a desire to make curricula relevant to real-world, lived experience, we epitomize the three aims that are the conceptual bases of all land-grant universities. We strive to make our teaching, research, and outreach activities integrated, so that students, faculty, staff, and community members engaged in Gender and Women’s Studies have a sense of how our intellectual work derives from and extends into everyday lives, especially those of women.

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